Why Your Training Courses Should Be Guild Accredited

With so many different training courses on offer to beauty professionals, what will make therapists pick your training courses instead of others? In the Beauty Industry Survey on Training carried out in December 2014, 85% of beauty professionals said that Guild Accreditation was an important aspect of their choice of training.

The Guild accredits more private training courses for insurance purposes than any other organisation in the professional beauty sector. As the largest trade body in the industry and one of the biggest providers of insurance, the Guild will only accept private training certificates from schools and courses which have been Guild Accredited. Most of the other insurance providers in the industry also use the Guild’s directory of accredited training schools and courses when offering cover.


Benefits of Guild Training Accreditation

The main benefit of getting your training courses Guild Accredited is to ensure that your students can get insurance. There are many benefits of getting your training courses Guild Accredited:


The Guild accredits more private training courses than any other industry organisation, so having your courses Guild Accredited is the most recognisable sign of quality training.


All Guild Accredited courses are accepted for insurance purposes by the Guild and most other insurance providers. As the UK’s largest trade body, the Guild will only accept private training that has been Guild Accredited.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Many organisations such as FE colleges, insist that their staff complete a minimum number of CPD hours each year in order to maintain their professional qualifications. All Guild Accredited training courses are also certified for CPD purposes and each course is awarded the appropriate number of CPD points.


All Guild Accredited schools and training courses are listed on the Training Directory on Beautyguild.com which is the largest professional beauty website in the UK. Guild Accredited schools are also listed in each issue of Guild Gazette magazine which goes to every UK member and is also available online. Accredited schools can also advertise forthcoming training dates on the Training Diary section of Beautyguild.com.

Course Enquiries

Visitors to Beautyguild.com can email schools direct through the website or visit the schools website to see further details.

Diary Dates

You can boost course attendance and fill empty class spaces by advertising your courses in the online Training Diary Dates section on Beautyguild.com. This is searchable on location, course type and price and a great way of boosting class sizes.


Guild Accredited training schools are authorised to use the “Guild Accredited” logo on their websites, social media channels, advertising and courses certificates. We also provide each school with their own landing page on Beautyguild.com which can be personalised for membership referrals.

Referral Scheme

We view Guild Accreditation as a partnership between the Guild, our accredited schools and their students. Each accredited school is provided with a referral code which their students can use to get £10 off Guild Membership and Insurance when they join. Each referral received earns the school £20 in advertising credits which can be used to promote the school and their courses on Beautyguild.com and Guild Gazette. This is a unique win / win arrangement for you and your students.