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Short on cash? GTi students save £25 when upgrading to full membership

Rebecca Archer

Last Updated 27 Jan 2023

Don’t forget about insurance!

If you are studying with GTi this year please don’t forget that your GTi Certificate is only the first step towards a rewarding career. Once you have qualified in a new treatment, it is then strongly recommended that you get insurance cover to protect you when carrying out this service.

Many people are struggling with the cost of living crisis, but can you afford to risk working without insurance? It could cost you thousands of pounds if a claim was made against you. Insurance is important even if you only intend to work on family and friends.

The good news is that the Beauty Guild is the UK’s leading provider of insurance and our policy has been specially constructed to meet the demands and needs of beauty, nail, hair and holistic practitioners.

Save £25 when you upgrade to Full Guild Membership with insurance

As a GTi Student, you get £25 off when you upgrade to Full Guild Membership with insurance! Upgrading is easy, just follow the upgrade instructions in your membership account, or call our membership team on 01332 224830.