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Calm mind, calm skin

Rebecca Archer

Last Updated 12 Aug 2022

Our lives are non-stop. Between work, socialising, and exercising, we don’t get a lot of downtime. Going 100 miles an hour, all the time can lead to stress and burnout, and that’s not good news for your glow. Stress can cause acne and dryness and can even make our skin thinner – a recipe for premature ageing.

In the August issue of Guild Gazette, skincare meets self-tanning brand, Tan-Luxe, provide tips on how to help your clients calm their mind and their skin.

As a skincare aficionado, why not suggest your clients use their morning and night-time routine as a meditative exercise? Taking a mindful moment to really work in their cleanser and slowly apply their moisturisers, serums, and oils can help them to relax. Suggest your clients treat skincare application as their self-care routine and they’ll be able to build stress management into their everyday lives. For an extra cheeky boost, suggest they incorporate a tan serum into their routine for a radiant, sun-kissed look, such as Super Glow from Tan-Luxe, which is the world’s first hyaluronic, superfood, self-tan serum.  

The GTi Mindfulness Coaching Course will teach you mindfulness exercises that you can practise for yourself as well as with your clients. This course aims to reduce levels of stress and anxiety, by helping you and your clients to enhance your mental wellbeing and cope with the challenges of life. Click here to enrol now.

For more tips on how to help your clients achieve healthy, glowing skin please click here to read the full article for free, starting on page 6 in the August issue of Guild Gazette.