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Skincare to fall in love with this autumn

Rebecca Archer

Last Updated 15 Sep 2022

In the UK, September signals the end of summer and the start of autumn. Beginning on page 10 in the September issue of Guild Gazette, we suggest the simple changes clients can make to their skincare routines to smoothly transition into the new season. 

Gina Baker, Training Manager for premium Spanish skincare brand, Germaine de Capuccini says, “As the weather cools in autumn, there is a drop in humidity causing a drier air. We spend more time indoors and eventually the heating is switched on. The altered environment causes our skin to lose moisture. This dehydration can cause tightness, itching and a general feeling of discomfort. Not to mention an increase in fine lines. Small tweaks in our daily routine are essential to keep the skin healthy and looking fresh. “

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