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Free Mindfulness Breathing Exercise

Rebecca Archer

Last Updated 08 Mar 2021

The beauty industry puts more women into business than any other, so this International Women’s Day we want to give back to all the fabulous females who have suffered extreme stress and uncertainty in the last 12 months. Deep breaths are love notes to your body, so here is a free step-by-step breathing exercise from the new GTi Mindfulness Coaching Course.

Mindful meditation helps reduce stress by increasing our awareness on breathing. During moments of stress, anxiety or panic, breathing tends to become short, quick and shallow. Being aware of breathing can calm down the mind and body.

Breathing Meditation Exercise

  1. Sit comfortably in a chair or lie down. If you choose to sit, keep your spine straight and relax your shoulders.
  2. You may close your eyes if you wish or you can keep them open. Place your hands lightly on your abdomen.
  3. Observe and feel the gentle rise and fall of your abdomen with the in-breath and out-breath. Direct your attention to your breath and ride the breath as if you are riding a wave.
  4. If your mind wanders away from your breathing, acknowledge the thought that distracted it and bring your attention back to your breathing. Even if your thoughts distract you several times, simply bring your awareness back to your breathing, without dwelling on them.

We suggest that you perform this breathing meditation exercise for at least 15 minutes a day.

For more practical techniques to reduce stress and anxiety please check out the new GTi Mindfulness Coaching Course. This course is completed entirely online, so your learning will not be disrupted by lockdown restrictions.

Happy International Women’s Day!


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