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Guild Gazette Investigates: Trending Tresses

Awais Ashraf

Last Updated 13 Jul 2023


Trending Tresses

To help hairdressers and barbers deliver a service that lives up to increasing client demands, in the July issue of Guild Gazette, we asked professional brands and stylists for their insights into the latest trends for hair care, cutting and colouring.

Glossy hair

The main visible goal for healthy looking hair is gloss, and so products and treatments that claim to achieve this are desirable. The GTi Successful Retailing Course includes detailed modules on how to choose and prepare your products.

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The Wixie Cut

OSMO Hair predict that the popularity of the Wixie Cut is going to continue into the Autumn. It’s a cross between a pixie and a very short shag cut. The GTi Basic Hair Cutting Course has been designed to give you all the skills and knowledge to be able to cut and blow dry hair.

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Rise of blondes with a golden hue

The rise of blonde hair with golden hues is predicted for 2023. The GTi Hair Colouring Course covers sectioning and application techniques with guidance on effective colour choices.

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Fudge Professional predict that the highly anticipated Barbie movie will lead to a surge of “Barbiecore”. In hair, this is seen through the imitation of Barbie’s iconic ponytail. GTi offers a selection of training courses to help you create the perfect ponytail for your clients.

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Protecting resources

Grow Gorgeous Hair believe modern clients are seeking products and treatments that not only protect the health of their hair, but also protect natural resources. If you are looking to run a more environmentally friendly salon, the Guild Green Salon Scheme from GTi will help you to do just that.

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To read the full article, please click here to read the July issue of Guild Gazette.