How To Use The GTi Courses

Welcome to Guild Training International Course, otherwise known as GTi.

The GTI training courses have been designed as a straight-forward and efficient way to teach yourself the vital information you need to become a professional beauty therapist.

You can access any module and course as and when you want to, and because each module will take approximately 30 minutes, you can complete each course in stages.

You can begin the GTi courses immediately, but in order for you to complete the courses to the best of your ability, it is essential that you can navigate through the e-learning format.

All pages are equipped with audio and it is recommended that you turn the volume up so you can hear it. The audio is attached to help you learn and process information at a higher standard. Additionally, the audio will inform you how unusual words are pronounced which will help you in practical assessments.

The courses are divided into two sections, a tutorial at the beginning, and then the examination.

The information appears in stages, and all information is read to you before any more words are shown on the slide. This will help you focus on the information at hand.

Once all the information of a slide has been shown, a 'Next' button will appear on the black strip at the bottom right of the page. When the 'Next' button appears you can click it to move on to the next slide.

Once you have worked through all the information slides, the examination will begin. All questions are either multiple choice or require you to label diagrams. You cannot move to the next question until the first has been answered. You will be told immediately whether the answer is correct and then the 'Next' button will appear for you to move on.

At the end of the examination you will be told whether you have passed and the module is complete.

Please do not refresh your page or close the browser during a module as this will count as a fail.

Good luck, and enjoy your GTi course.