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Frequently Asked Questions - Training Accreditation

A selection of FAQs on Guild training accreditation are provided below. See also:

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Interest In Accreditation

What does GTi stand for?

GTi is Guild Training International. All GTi courses are fully accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists and taught to National Occupation Standards by fully qualified trainers. GTi qualifications are accepted for insurance and membership.

Are GTi Qualifications Accepted and Recognised?

GTi courses are written to National Occupational Standards (NOS). They are accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists, the UK’s largest professional beauty trade body, for membership and insurance purposes. This means that anyone with a GTi qualification can obtain insurance from any of the main insurance providers which they require in order to work on members of the public. However, GTi qualifications are not on the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF) because they are essentially industry lead vocational qualifications which are not externally assessed. This means that some authorities, like London councils, may not accept them. If a student needs to have qualifications that are on the QCF then they should instead consider enrolling on courses such as VCTC, ITEC, NVQs etc.

Can I teach the practical courses and do assessments via remote delivery?

Delivery and assessment of training will usually take place in the classroom or salon, but schools are also permitted to deliver training and assess students remotely via a suitable video conferencing system where the tutor can communicate directly and in real time with the student(s), eg Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp, Teams etc. Schools must ensure that students are provided with the minimum required number of training hours as specified in the accreditation details. Remote training is not accepted for courses that require advanced treatment insurance extensions (eg dermarolling, dermaplaning etc) and male and female intimate waxing.

My school is in the UK, can I teach students from abroad via zoom or similar?

You will need to check with your insurance provider if you are covered to teach students abroad. The Guild's teaching insurance does not insure teaching students outside of the UK.

How much does it cost to become an Accredited School?

The standard Accreditation Fee is £295 + VAT per year. This enables you to teach the GTi courses you are qualified in. There is an extra fee to Accredit training school's own courses. Owners, tutors and school administrators will also need to join as a Member of the Guild. Student enrolment costs £25 per GTi course.

How do I get my training accredited with the Guild?

Look at the Accreditation page on Beautyguild.com

Do I need to be a Guild member to teach GTi courses?

Any tutors teaching Guild accredited courses would need at the very least Associate membership which does not include insurance or Full membership which includes insurance.

I would like to teach but I don't have a teaching qualification

You need to have a teaching qualification if you want to teach GTi or Guild Accredited training courses. The Guild has it's own GTi online Teaching Course. click here for details. Once you have completed your Teaching Course, you can obtain teaching risk insurance through the Guild.

How do I apply for Accreditation

Fill in the Accreditation Application Form to apply. click here

What is the minimum charge for the practical training for the GTi courses?

The minimum charge for the practical courses can be found in the Training Section, GTi courses, click here. They are listed under the practical fee.

Do you supply the training manuals for GTi courses?

Yes GTi schools are provided with training manuals, lesson plans and other supporting documents to teach the courses.

Do I give the student a certificate of training for a GTi course?

No. Students will be able to download their GTi certificate in their beautyguild account portal when the school has passed them on their practical training. They can download the certificate free, and also have the option to purchase a certficate. The name of the GTi school will be on their certificate.

Current Accredited School Queries

Can I enrol a 16-year-old student onto a GTI courses?

Yes, you can enrol students who are 16 years of age with Parent or Guardian's written consent. However, you are free to set your own age restrictions for your business e.g. some training establishments do not allow anyone under 18 to enrol onto their courses. Please note that age restrictions can also apply to some treatments e.g. intimate waxing training courses. You should also adhere to of any specific age restrictions stipulated by the manufacturer or supplier of the equipment or products, used to perform a treatment.

I have a student who is 16 and wants to take out Guild insurance cover as they finish their training course with me. Is this possible?

It is a condition of insurance that you have to be 18 years old to take out insurance cover. Unfortunately, we cannot provide insurance cover to anyone who is under 18 years of age.

What is the minimum age for models?

Training models need to be 18 years and above.

What does the student recieve when I enrol them onto a GTI course?

The student will be sent an email from the Guild to inform them they have been enrolled onto the GTI course. They will have to click on the link in the email which will direct them to our website for them to log in or register an account in order to access the theory of the GTI course.

How does the student access their GTI certificate?

Once you have passed them, immediately the certificate is available for the student to download or print off for free in the salon or at home within their account in the 'GTI Courses' section of their Dashboard. The student can alternatively pay a fee of £15+VAT to have the certificate printed and posted from the Guild.

Do I have to enrol students onto the Professional Standards for Therapists course seperately?

No, students will be enrolled onto the GTI Professional Standards for Therapists course automatically for free with the theory of their first GTI practical course. They will need to complete this first before they gain access to the theory of the course.

How do I advertise my courses in the 'Find A Course' directory?

To be listed in this directory you would need to add in your practical price for your GTI course or add in a Training Diary Date. To advertise your practical prices, please log into your account and go to ‘My Guild Accreditation’ on your Dashboard, then ‘GTI Student Management’ and then select ‘Add Courses and Prices’. Please add in your practical price, ensure the box is ticked to showcase on the website and save. If you decide to change your practical price, you can update it in the same area. To add your Training Diary Dates, please see the answer below.

How do I add a Training Diary Date for a GTI Course?

To add a Training Diary Date for your GTI courses please log into your account on our website.On the Dashboard please click on ‘My Guild Accreditation’ and select ‘Advertise and Manage Course Dates’ from the list. Here you can add/cancel training diary dates by clicking on ‘Advertise Course Date’ or accept your students who have booked onto the GTI courses by clicking on ‘Manage Course Date Booking’. Once the student has paid for the theory of the course for the date you have put up, you will have to ‘Accept’ the student you will be provided with their contact details for you to inform them of anything in regards to the practical date. The student will then appear in the ‘Check Student Progress’ section for you to view their progress and then in the ‘Pass a Student’ section for you to pass them once they have completed both the theory and practical aspect. GTI Training Diary Dates are free for you to add. Every Friday before the date you have advertised, an email is sent to students who are subscribed to our training alerts and are close to your area to inform them of this date and for them to enrol onto the course with you.

Do I have to pay £25 for each course?

Yes, the theory of each GTI practical course is £25. You can either include this within the fee that you charge the student and pay the Guild as you enrol them. Alternatively you can leave this for the student to pay as they activate their GTI course. This fee would need to be paid regardless of if the student is a member with the Guild.

How do I add a Training Diary Dates for an Accredited course?

To add Training Diary Dates for your own accredited courses via the Guild, please log into your account on our website and click on ‘My Guild Accreditation’ on the dashboard and select ‘Advertise and Manage Course Dates’ from the list. Here you can add/cancel training diary dates by clicking on ‘Advertise Course Date’. You can either use 10 credits that you have accumulated through student referrals for the Diary Dates or you can pay a fee of £10+VAT (£12) per date. Every Friday before the date of the course an email is sent from the Guild to all those subscribed to our alerts who are close by to your venue to let them know about the course date and your contact details for them to purchase the course from you directly.

My student hasn't received their activation email for their GTI course, how can I resend this?

You would need to log into your account, on the Dashboard click on 'My Guild Accreditation' and then 'GTI Student Management' and select 'Check Student Progress'. If you then click on the students enrolment details you can resend the activation email to them from here or you can resend it to yourself and then forward it to the student.

How do I view the GTI course manuals for the courses I am teaching?

Please log into your account on our website, on the Dashboard click on 'My Guild Accreditation' and then 'GTi Student Management' and then select 'Course Downloads'. Here you will be able to see the manual the student recieves as well as any additional documentation we provide to the student as downloads along with example lesson plan and assessment criteria for you as a tutor.

How long does the student have access to the theory of the GTI courses?

There is no time limit for the student to complete the theory of the courses, however students would need to complete the theory of the course before they come in for the practical day. Once they have completed the theory, they will be able to view the theory as they did when completing it for 6 months after they have passed the course and will have the manual to download in their account indefinitely for them to refer back to.

Why can't I pass my student?

Students will automatically show up in the 'Pass A Student' section when they have completed all theory of the course. If you go to your 'Check Student Progress' section you can see if the student has completed the Professional Standards for Therapists course as well as all the theory of the course.

I want to add another venue abroad/ in the UK, how do I do this?

You would need to make a payment of £50+VAT per venue, per year. We would need to take the address and contact details of this venue along with the tutors who will be teaching at the venue and the courses offered there from you. You can email this information to accreditation@beautyguild.com

How can I add another tutor to my school?

Any tutors teaching Guild accredited courses would need at the very least Associate membership which does not include insurance or Full membership which includes insurance. They would need to provide us with copies of their teaching certificates as well as certificates in the areas that they wish to teach in. We would need their membership number and can then add them to your tutor list.

Can I submit my own manuals for accreditation?

We cannot accept manuals in the areas that we already have GTI courses written up in. If you would like to submit a course in a different subject, please contact accreditation@beautyguild.com to see if we can accept this.

If my accreditation or membership expires, will I still be able to enrol or pass students?

No, as membership is a requirement for accreditation, without this you will not be able to access the accreditation section within your account. If your accreditation has expired you will no longer have access to enrol/pass or view the progress of your students until your accreditation and/or membership has been renewed.

If my accreditation has expired and I need to pass a student, how do I pass them?

The first option would be to renew your accreditation with the Beauty Guild which will allow you to pass any old students. However if this is not possible and the accreditation has lapsed, you can call through on 01332 224830 and arrange for your student to be passed and making a payment of £25+VAT per student per GTi Course.