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Natural Nails

Nail treatments in general are the most popular of all professional beauty treatments. According to the Beauty Industry Survey on Salon Treatments and Prices published in December 2014, 66.2% of all salon businesses offered some kind of nail treatments.

The Beauty Industry Survey for Natural Nailcare 2015 was carried out through which is the website of the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists and is the UK’s largest professional beauty website. The questionnaire was available from 18/2/15 to 31/3/15. A total of 312 responses were recorded.


Full Survey Report On Natural Nails

The full results from the Beauty Industry Survey on Natural Nails are available to buy now for just £150 + VAT. To order your copy, call Qudsiya Talib on 01332 224830 or email The report contents are shown:


Natural Nailcare Report


  1. Introduction
  2. Survey Methodology
  3. The Most Popular Natural Nail Brands
    1. Shares of Business Accounts in 2015 & 2014 by Brand
    2. 2013 and 2012 Brand results
  4. Nail Courses & Training
  5. What Makes A Nail Brand Popular?
  6. Most Important Features
  7. Buying and re-Stocking
  8. Buying Options
  9. Further Information

Appendix 1 – Survey Questionnaire


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