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UK Beauty Industry Survey

What is your business type?

(Please select all that apply)

Is your place of work different to before March 2020?
What service areas do you cover?

(Please select all that apply)

Do you have another job outside the industry?
Where did you do your industry training?

(Please select all that apply)

What was the last training course you completed?



How long has your business been established?


How many hours do you work each week on average?
How many clients do you have in total?
Approximately how much income does your business generate each week?
Per Week
How many people (including you) work in your business?
Do you use an appointment booking system?
Are you a member of a trade body?
Do you have treatment insurance cover?
What are you 5 most popular treatments and how much you charge for them?

If you have fewer than 5 treatments, leave the remaining spaces blank.

Treatment 1 Name:

Treatment 1 Cost:


Treatment 2 Name:

Treatment 2 Cost:


Treatment 3 Name:

Treatment 3 Cost:


Treatment 4 Name:

Treatment 4 Cost:


Treatment 5 Name:

Treatment 5 Cost:

Are you planning to do any further training in the next year?
Have you considered teaching as a career option? 
Who is your main supplier of the following salon items?

(Please leave blank if not applicable)


Body Care:

Hair Removal:


Nail Products:

Lash Products:

Brow Products:

Permanent Makeup:

Spray Tanning:

Hair Styling Products:


Salon Furniture:

Electrical Equipment (Facials, Body Treatments, Laser etc):

Salon Uniform:

Do you hold a Level 3 or equivalent qualification in facial electricals? If so, what qualification(s)?

(Please select all that apply)

Having to train with a beauty company to access their products is:

(Please rate from 1-5 to what extent you agree with the following. 1 being “Strongly don’t agree”, 3 being “Neither agree or disagree” and 5 being “Strongly agree”.

A reassuring sign of quality and standards:

Outdated and unnecessary:

A barrier to me ever considering using the brand:

A way of helping me, as a beauty professional, to create a point of difference versus my competition:

A motivating reason to train with the brand: