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Life hacks to help your clients achieve healthy, glowing skin (no serum necessary)

Rebecca Archer

Last Updated 08 Aug 2022

Glowing, radiant skin is in. As therapists, we know the best way to achieve a flawless complexion is through a customised skincare routine, but did you know that there are other tips you can give your clients to help boost their glow further?

Suggesting clients make small changes to their everyday routines can give their skin a natural glow from within to complement that radiant visage you’ve carefully crafted for them in the salon.

Skincare meets self-tanning brand, Tan-Luxe, recently provided Guild Gazette with the best life hacks to give your clients to help them achieve healthy, glowing skin (no serum necessary).

Please click here to read the article for free, starting on page 6 in the August issue of Guild Gazette.